Our Foundation

KATech, the students and professionals world, is a software limited company registered with the Republic of Ireland and based in Dublin. KATech was formed in early 2018. We aim to revolutionize software technology by bringing innovation to e-commerce & education sectors through the unique user-friendly environment and ultra-smart design.

At Your Service

Effective Research Promotion

Through our world-class dedicated services such as teCHapter, we bring you with smart and powerful ways to reach, connect and share your work with the concerned audience.

Web Development

Looking for awesome bespoke designed and developed websites for your business? We are teamed up with you

Revolutionize Education-Flow

We are devoted to reforming education system via smart mentoring, spreading of R&D ideas in the form of technical stories, talks and workshops.

Software Development

A group of qualified and experienced software developers are ready to develop attractive software products for you.

Innovating Technology

Yes!, we are revolutionizing the technology. Our students and professionals world has taken all steps to create a new world of technology

Our Projects

We create experiences through renderings


TecHub is a platform that ignites curiosity by bringing ideas under the spotlight and transform educational flow. TecHub is devoted to reforming education system via smart mentoring, spreading of R&D ideas in the form of technical stories, talks, and workshops.


KAWebsite is a project of KATech. KAWebsite is teamed up with clients to develop interactive websites using latest technologies. At KAWebsites, we set the customers' requirements as our key priority. From design to development till online publicity/marketing, we are determined to provide our clients with the best virtual experience. 


Coming Soon

HireIrish is the first Irish-talent platform based in Dublin to promote individuals or a group of professionals providing an opportunity to work for local and international companies.

MENTORA - Smart Mentoring

Coming Soon

MENTORA is envisioned to providing worldwide education in a smart and most effective way with experienced professionals around the globe.


Coming Soon

Do you have an idea that can shape the trending technological world and be looking for a platform to share or promote it? We have teCHapter for you.

KATech Lab

Coming soon

An incubator for students, professionals, and entrepreneurs to explore, test, launch your projects with the help of expert community around you

Our Values

We believe that long-term success and sustainability of a business relies on their beliefs and core values. At KATech, we are focused on following key values which ultimately stimulate the quality of our services. 




We believe to build relationships based on trust, respect and caring by doing the right things.



We support creativity and development of new ideas, product, services and processes.



We create a dignified workplace based on respectful communication as well as fair and unbiased treatment of all our stakeholders. We believe in respect for all stakeholders and complete transparency.


We create accountability from generating new ideas to how we manage our staff and other business activities.



We enjoy celebration via our focus on collaboration rather than competition.



We pledge to be the responsive citizen of our communities.

Founders Views

Join Us

We welcome you to KATech

We are always looking for individuals who share our vision to revolutionize software technology. Write us if you want to closely work with us. We will provide you with one of the highly dynamic and challenging working environments, where you can broaden your horizon and show up your skills to the world.